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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11pm  CBS  May 5, 2013 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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how one of the survivors mad to escape the flames. and how witnesses are descrg last night's fiery scene. new information in a limousine tragedy. how the driver escaped the flames. >> gunshots fired, how many gunmen are involved? why this technology's sharp accuracy is raising disturbing questions. and privacy concerns over googles latest gadgets how it may turn people away. good evening. new details about the limo tragedy. five women celebrating a bachelorette party were killed on the bridge. we are learning how one of the four survivors got out and where the investigation stands. don knapp is at valley medical center where some of the injured were taken, don? >> reporter: that is right, ann, two of the severely injured were brought here and
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another two went to stanford hospital. medical emergency people who have seen a lot of this sort of thing beginning to reflect now and agreeing with the county corner who said this was one of the most horrific things he has seen in decades. >> reporter: this was the frightening sight drivers saw on saturday night. hardly anyone could see the horror going on inside of the burning lincoln town car stretch limo. 9 women celebrating the marriage of one of the group were trapped as fire ate into the passenger area from the back. five woman died. the four that barely made it out alive suffered smoke inhalation and burns. two were taken to the hospital, two to valley medical center. the coroner robert prukal it tphaorbgs 21 -- >> a among the dead, the bride. a registered nurse from fresno.
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she was recently married and planning another ceremony in the philippines next month. one woman was able to escape crawling through the petition. the driver, unhurt was able to help some of the women from the car. the fire erupted as the car traveled west. >> we don't know how it caught fire or where it caught fire. that is part of the investigation to see what happened. >> was there an accident on the bridge? >> there was no accident, no collision. so, at this point it was just the one vehicle fire. >> reporter: limo owner told kcbs his vehicle was in good condition and he is cooperating with the police in the investigation. >> i am really shocked. my family is shocked. i am very -- you know, we are deeply saddened. -- i don't have any words. >> reporter: the coroner apparently telling the
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associated press that the five bodies of the victims found dead inside of the car were found near the partition, the area that accept pwraeuts the driver from the passenger compartment. we know one person escaped through that route going from the back of the vehicle through the partition and out the front door but it was not working for the other 5, ann? >> horrifying information, thank you. >> state records show the company's license is valid and up-to-date. but it is not clear if the company had been cited for previous safety problems. that burning limo video we have been showing you came from a couple viewers who passed the burning car before help arrived. as their car approached the scene on the bridge, roxannea and carlos had their cell phone rolling. they had no idea five people were trapped inside. >> the big fire over there. i was -- i was like oh my gosh. there is one car, maybe there are people there that was the
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first thing that i thought. >> nobody really went to the limo. if there were people in there i would guess they would try to get them out. >> reporter: the brother and sister returned home last night and did not learn about the full scope of the tragedy until this morning. here are the names of the woman hospitalized tonight. laya la, and desguia are both if critical condition. and two are at stanford hospital. the names of those who died have not been released officially. they expect to release more information tomorrow and have all of the latest on our web site well, experts say limo fires like the one last night are extremely rare. today we did checking on what it takes to operate a limo service. kpix sue kwon on the common piece of safety equipment limo
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drivers are not required to carry. >> reporter: this family has been in the limousine service for 20 years and he has been a chauffer for 8. >> i got a text message from someone last night hoping we were not involved. >> reporter: he would not speculate on the cause of saturday night's fire but gives insight into the industry's regulations and safety procedures. >> we train on cpr. basically creating awareness. >> reporter: first, not all limos carry fire extinguishers, they are not required to. >> right in here, located right here. you can snap it out of place pretty much start to use it. one here and one up front by the driver. so, we have both already, any time. >> and your drivers are trained? >> yes. trained on using these and trained on putting out fires, you know, a small fire they know what to do. >> reporter: for maintenance? >> the california public utility's commission requires
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that every operator make sure they have is a daily vehicle maintenance record. so, all vehicle operators have a maintenance record f. they don't they should have one. a lot of smaller operators have vehicles that range up to 10 passengers. none are required to report these. but we do. >> reporter: and nobody is regulating if you are maintaining it or not? >> it is really up to the owner and operator. that is why there are new regulations and if you are part of the nla you are up-to-date and you know what is going on. >> reporter: and he says customers should know limo fires are not common. >> it holds 21 gallons of gas. it holds a lot of gas but the vehicle, if there is a reason of a short or something like that it would be something very uncommon, very, you know, random. >> reporter: sue kwon, kpix5. >> according to the association, the company involved in last night's incident is a member and that means the owner agreed to a
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abide by regulations. new information on the five people hurt in a shooting outside of a mcdonald's restaurant in east palo alto today. the victims were standing at a bus stop outside of a mcdonald's when a silver car pulled up and opened fire. when firefighters arrived they found four young men and a grandmother had been shot. the woman's young granddaughter was injured when she fell when she tried to run away. >> we have several descriptions of vehicles. but we have nothing really definitive yet on specific suspect vehicle. the shooters appear to be young two hispanic males. >> none of the injuries are life-threatening. area is normally crowded with people. to weather, a chance of rain in the bay area tomorrow. here is roberta gonzalez. >> reporter: ann we had spotty showers in the bay area, primarily to the east and to the north and even reports of a clap of thunder and possibly
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lightning around the coast. right now it is live. hi-def doplar radar. light precipitation to richmond and then just bypassing i-80 all of the way towards oakland. and the hills towards grizzly peak. upstream a little cluster of activity happening around american canyon road. that is about it for right now. but, our future cast does clearlyil station that for tomorrow you will need to carry thattum pwrel la. we will have widespread showers lifting from the south and the morning commute. and santa cruz mount ans, towards the north bay during the day time hours. again, all of it lifting out of the south if a northerly direction. it will be pretty much pop up showers. then when you add in the additional afternoon warming of the air mass we have that possibility. the thunderstorms as well. the thunderstorms and the possibility of showers and we will pinpoint that more a little later in this newscast. >> thank you. technology that detects where gunshots are fired even how many gunmen were involved.
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"shot-spotter" technology hd alert police to today's shog in east palo alto. it's developed by a mountain view company... d kpix 5 repor new technology shows how men gunmen there were. it is developed by a mountain view company and kpix5 reporter found it's stunning acrasy for details is raising questions if everyone can now be under surveillance. >> reporter: gunshots fire inside a richmond neighborhood. a man killed in front of more than a dozen witnesses. >> bam, bam, bam. >> reporter: in this case, there were numerous nine one one calls, but the cops also knew, because of shot spotter, a gunfire detection system that tells the police where. seconds after it happens and amazingly other critical details. >> it wills if you there is someone shooting in the backyard vs the front yard and sidewalk vs the street. or if there is more than one shooter. >> reporter: they have been
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using it for years. but since its development by shot spotter in mountain view back in the 1990ss it has become so advanced it is raising questions about invasion of privacy of -- 1990ss it has become so advance today is raising questions about invasion of privacy for everyone. >> there was a time the only thing you sort of worried about was being overheard and now we are worried about things being recorded. >> reporter: in a case in massachusetts, shot spotter not only recorded gunshots but argument and yelling before two suspects killed a man. privacy was violated under the state's wiretapping laws. >> we are not recording conversations or noise because that has no value. >> reporter: shot spotter says it has since shortened the memory buffers on the sensors to just a few seconds. the police agencies only get the gunfire audio. nothing else. >> there was a time when we would make a longer snip available but we really
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recently we have cut those off to three seconds before and three successes after. it created friction in some of the cases where, you know, agencies have asked for longer pieces but we are not providing it right now. >> reporter: in richmond 96 audio sensors are on light poles and roof tops in a 6 scare mile area from hilltop to downtown. >> another one here the other night. >> reporter: richmond police still have the old system but shot spotter says that will soon change. homicide detective eric smith did hear other sounds in one clip. >> we investigated a shooting and we got the audio before the shooting happened. and it was really helpful with the investigation. >> reporter: privacy and free speech attorney tim lee says he does not argue the value of shot spotter surveillance but he does snot believe the ends justify the means. >> how long is the data being
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kept? who has access to it? >> shot spotter insists it is not in the business of recording private conversations and that is why the sensors are placed high and the gunshot sounds in the sensors live there for the seconds or minutes necessary to capture it before it is overridden. it is called a circular buffer. all right, the golden state war areiors are hoping the new arena's latest look say slam dunk with fans. more public access of a fire station and a deep water shipper. it will also incloud public view so people can see inside of the warriors practice facility and even into the arena during games. they are privately financed. it will be between the ferry building and at&t park. downtown san jose is buzzing after the sharks win against the canucks at hp pavilion. we will have highlights coming
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up on "gameday" and crowds were gathered for cinco de mayo celebrations, earlier. it was a good day. >> yes. >> that is a place to party there. right across the street from the shark tank. >> yes. >> hopefully they can clinch it. >> i know we can not go wrong. i have to find wood to knock on. >> what a great exciting time for weather, too. i was running a half marathon today and we had big giant fat raindrops falling between mile 10 and mile 12. it was refreshing. that was in the pleasanton area. let's go ahead and look at our radar right now and we are picking up very little precipitation. zooming in it is right there near i-80 and richmond back in through berkeley and upstream just as we job into american canyon rode. for the most part, those hit and miss scattered showers from today are out of here t. it is the possibility of an overnight sprinkle or two right there for
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the morning commute. rain showers around the santa cruz mountains, also out towards the delta. see how it is lifting from the south to the north because of the area of low pressure off shore. wrapping around that core so any kind of precipitation you see for the most part starts here, ridgeinates here, moves towards the east and into the north bay during your monday and into your tuesday morning. so, unsettled air mas for the next 48 hours. otherwise, let's go ahead and take a look at today's high temperatures, they came down by 17 degrees in some neighborhoods. down from 86 to 71 today and san jose down from 90 to 73 in livermore, yesterday, 73 in san francisco. today, middle 60s, more seasonal. most he cloudy skies currently as we look out towards the bay bridge. numbers have been holding steady. remember, it was 66 in san francisco. now, 60. relative he mild evening due to the south wind that has been blowing up to 10 to 15 miles an
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hour. 580 corridor, cloudy skies, stray shower tonight. possibility of a pop up shower at any point of the day tomorrow. and then also with the warming of the day time air mass in the afternoon hours we have to put that threat of a thunderstorm in the possibility or in the forecast. but, also, one feature about that is dry lightning. we don't want to see any of that due to the potential of fire danger. area of low pressure, right here, you can see it. the counterclockwise for phagz for the precipitation of the core, the center, the low. that is what is keeping us centered until this low kicks out and ejects. that will happen on wednesday. unsettled through tuesday. remaining cloudy on wednesday. tonight, overnight, 40s and 50s with that wind out of the south, 10 to 20, dialing back in the overnight hours and then increasing during the afternoon tomorrow. again, souther he winds, a little bit of moisture in the atmosphere as far as higher humidity. the temperature, 64 in pacifica
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to 73 degrees. low 70s in san jose into the north, low 70s from san rafael and into santa rose a. we will keep the chance of rain in the forecast monday and tuesday with that threat of a thunderstorm. cloud cover and a transition day on wednesday. turning partly sunny on thursday and friday. and then back into that 80 degree zone by saturday. we will take a look at most of the temperatures all week, averaging close to normal for this time of the year. >> we have been on a roller coaster throw. the hot weather last week. >> yes. >> and then rain and now back to seasonable. >> i was looking at that wednesday cloud cover. i was thinking day time giants game. >> oh, that is right. >> afternoon baseball. good for catching the ball there. >> all right, thank you very much. all right, hundreds of acres burned. what the officials now say may have sparked in southern california is wildfire and thing progress firefighters have made. and it may look cool to some but find out why others say they will not be wearing
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possible a piece of hot metal fell into the dry brush along highway 101 early thursday sparking the 44 square mile. it is now 75% contained. in riverside county a fire that scorched 510 acres of wilderness south of banning yesterday is now fully under control. gas prices are going up nationwide. but n california, we are seeing a decrease. the national average $3.54 a gallon. up a penny the last 2 weeks but in california the average is $3.85. that is down 6 cents. the highest average was in san francisco at 3.93. the lowest average was $3.75 in stockton. next here on kpix5. privacy concerns over google's latest gadget. how it may turn people away from the high-tech glasses. ah,! hey!
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causing a bit of a stir in e tech world. but as k-p-i-x 5's patrick sedillo shows u. privacy concerns could makee people turn it does not take 20/20 vision to see how the google glasses are causing a stir in the world. privacy concerns could make people turn a blind eye to them my see the temperature right now. >> i think it say cool idea. you can not always count on google to come up with something crazy and innovative. >> this is your touch pad. >> reporter: google has created google glass.
11:26 pm
the internet inner face you wear on your face. >> it is an experiment. it is a new inner face for all of the information that you would typic he get off of a smart phone. >> they are not on the market yet. google released more than 10,000 to developers and contest winners for feedback from outside the google campus. >> right now this experimental vision is $1500. that is not accessible to most people. >> with it you can look up maps, send text, check your e- mail and even take a picture and it shows up just like this. >> i don't know if i would personally use it. i feel like we have it in our face as much as possible already. i tkpoepb know if i literally want it on our face. >> reporter: skeptical but was surpriseed when she put them on. >> that is crazy. >> it is pretty incredible. that is like -- kind of like the holograms in movies. >> this will be ed kit. people might think you are recording them secretly and wearing them on the road. >> do you think it might
11:27 pm
distract you while drive something. >> absolutely. 1,000%. >> google is saying they would be on the market in the next year. for how much? >> we don't know yet. >> kpix5. >> they are monitoring the a pps that developers are building for google glass to make sure they address privacy concerns before they hit the market. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,
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close. iron man t "iron man 3" hammered the competition at the box office this weekend. it was not even close. "iron man 3" took in $175 million. the number 2 film get earned less than $8 million. "pain and gain." everything is bigger in new york including bike races. 32,000 cyclists biked 40 miles across all of the city's five districts. >> the proceeds from the stickers sold to the riders will go toy tpaupbd for the victims of the boston marathon bottomings. with boston in mind, security was tight. >> the same course as the new york marathon. >> it is s? >> it is -- it is? >> it is


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